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What is Sprint?

"The Sprint is a unique five-day process for answering crucial questions through prototyping and testing ideas with customers." - The Sprint book. If you have an idea but you are not sure it can be marketable, we can help you decide in just 5 days, also help to morph it to satisfy market needs through testing with real would-be customers.


After we get to know your idea, we help You to set the project goals from 6 months to 5 years. You don't have to worry, your idea is safe with us.



Based on your goals, we create a prototype. This will behave like the end product you imagined.



We present the prototype to the target audience. Our goal is to validate your idea, and give you important information based on their feedback!


To help you learn more about the thematic we created a free e-book!


Free Consulting

In 90 minutes

Your idea is safe.

As the first step of the consulting we sign a confidentiality contract, so you can know your idea is not leaving the meeting.

What is UX and Sprint?

We will present you Sprint and the benefits of UX oriented development, and it's benefits.

Show us your idea!

We are keen to know your idea, based on what you tell us we will look for the solutions.

Show us your idea.

Based on UX oriented development and your idea, we will show you how we can help you make your idea become reality.


You want to learn more?

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• Details about the methodology  

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• Learn, how to validate an idea

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